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We offer fintech-focused solutions that work seamlessly to support the road to digital innovation - cost-effective, transparent, accessible, and instant payments

Accept payments, or pay people - we’ve got all payment needs covered

Payment Platform and Ecosystem

Payment platform that allows users to send and receive funds instantly, pay their bills online, buy prepaid load, and shop online or in-store, anytime, anywhere.

Merchant Dashboard

Businesses can efficiently monitor all transactions facilitated on the Cloudchain network, providing them with meaningful data to streamline their sales and financial analysis.

Funds Disbursement

Perfect for payroll, incentives, or commission payouts as it enables small to large businesses to instantly send funds to one or multiple employees or suppliers instantly.

Rewards and Loyalty

Comprehensive, flexible, and custom- izable loyalty platform that easily and seamlessly integrates with existing systems to simplify transac- tions and workflow.

Point-of-Sale System

No big capital expenditure and bulky hardwares! Our cost-effective POS solution can seamlessly integrate with existing systems and simplifies the process and usability for users.

Alternative Payments (Tap and QR Code)

NFC apps and peripherals or QR codes for a cashless/cash-lite society! Pay with NFC-powered keychains, rings, bracelets, making smooth payments part of everyday life.

Card Management System

Flexible and scalable card manage- ment system with issuing and acquir- ing features, supporting various types of cards and contactless peripherals, and the ability to track BIN formats for guaranteed security.

Online Payment Processing

Accept payments online in real-time or be your own payment channel. Our online payment gateway makes it incredibly easy to accept credit/debit and e-wallet payments on your website.


Real-time and accurate cross-border payments. We remove costs associated with third-party intermediaries and thus, greatly reducing transaction processing costs and settlement times.

White-Labeling and Co-Branding

Cloudchain offers the option to white-label or co-brand our solutions, from the platform to cards and NFC peripherals.

ATMs and Micro ATMs

Our ATMs and micro ATMs allow users to perform instant transactions like cardless withdrawals at their convenience, and allow for greater accessibility and mobility with its small package and low cost.

Reports and Analytics

Proprietary data analytics and reporting module enables merchants to gain insight on business and sales performance via on-demand and real-time analytics.

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